The Goal of Developing the Workforce

It is my desire to go beyond simply training individuals for a task. It is my goal to develop each individual to become an important member of a team, and transform your organization into a household name for the industry. Developing personnel will accomplish this by:
  • Providing efficient and reliable resources for customers.
  • Developing personnel to think critically about:
    • Answers to customer questions.
    • Task performance and efficiency.
  • Creating a perpetual training environment (train the trainer).
  • Providing personal growth of the company workforce (companies within the company).
  • Increasing product knowledge.
  • Provide the customer with ALL they need.
  • Answering the customer question, “What do I need?”
  • Answering the customer question “Why do I need it?”
  • Eliminating the customer question “Where do I purchase it?”
  • Creating a paradigm shift from price to value.
  • Instilling intrinsic value in knowledge and personal achievement.
  • Providing an environment that promotes achievement and grows the organization.
  • Providing an environment that instills pride in the organization and the industry.
  • Developing an employee philosophy that he or she is a vital part of team within the industry (more than the sum of its parts…much more!).
  • Addressing the concern of health care by providing a comprehensive program for personal health and taking responsibility for ones own health maintenance.
  • Providing a comprehensive program on fiscal responsibility.
  • Company responsibility in terms of inventory, maintenance, time management.
  • Personal responsibility in terms of savings, debt management, and retirement planning.

The focus of this plan is the masonry industry. It can easily be adapted for any industry or business. If you would like to see how this program could be used in your business feel free to contact me.