The Training Plan

Putting together a training plan for employees can be accomplished in a variety of modalities. Half-day seminars on products (mortar, cleansers, admixtures, etc.) can be developed and implemented. Continuing education is a very interesting concept that I can develop and implement. One of the areas I have developed in the past is web based curriculum and assessment (click on the Masonry Students tab above). This provides a means of education that is available anytime and can be modified, expanded and improved quickly. The idea can be further improved by adding incentives for employees to complete modules. These incentives could be company based certification, bonuses, pay increase, rewards, etc. An ambitious goal would be to collaborate with a college or university and offer accreditation for completing modules. Addressing health care and its impact on individuals, businesses and the country and shifting the focus from treatment to prevention is another area I can offer solutions. This will reduce health care costs and increase employee efficiency.