Goals for Masonry Reference Source

Provide an environment where customers can obtain information and training. Educate the customer on quality masonry.

Many of the components from the contractor section apply to the customer as well. There are a few additional areas that need to be addressed. Most customers are uninformed and lack basic masonry knowledge. They are unable to look at a finished product and distinguish between quality and substandard workmanship. They lack the basic knowledge to know what questions to ask. In short, they don’t know what they don’t know. The single most expensive item the majority of customers purchase is their home yet they spend more time researching where to buy the best computer that has a half life equivalent to a piece of fruit than they do about masonry which can and does last a lifetime. This is compounded by the proliferation of individuals who proclaim to possess the ability to “lay brick”. It is imperative for customers to have access to a reliable and accurate source of information regarding masonry materials, installation, and craftsmanship. The training program for contractors would address this issue but for those customers who do not take advantage of that service we can supply them with critical information to insure our industry is represented in a positive light. The theme of providing value continues to be emphasized.

Developing a customer program can be accomplished by:
  • Adding value to the company by becoming the leading source for masonry information.
  • Providing homeowner-training seminars for pavers, retaining block, anchoring, and masonry repair.
  • Educating customers on quality masonry instillation and materials.
  • Educating customers on maintaining masonry (graffiti prevention, sealing, waterproofing).
  • Educating customers on masonry cleaning techniques and material.
  • Educating customers on masonry restoration.
  • Offer customers resources and education on all areas of masonry such as:
    • Brick and Block.
    • Tile.
    • Concrete.
    • Terrazzo.
    • Restoration.
    • Historical Preservation.
    • Glass Block.
  • Providing these resources on site as well as print, internet, and other multi media outlets (a dedicated masonry channel??!!)
  • Taking advantage of current and future technology to promote the benefits of masonry.