Goals for Customers/Contractors

Contractors become a partner.

It is important for the contractor to take a different view of the supply side of his or her business. Traditionally, supplies are considered an expense to the contractor. While this is true initially, a new approach must be developed that emphasizes the value added component we offer. A collaboration or partnership must be developed that establishes a symbiotic relationship between the contractor and the supplier. Contractors must understand their business does not exist in a vacuum. Further they must understand the benefits and value we provide for them. Purchasing supplies can no longer be seen as an expense, but rather an investment in their business. Conversely we can not simply sell supplies. We must also provide value to the contractor.

Develop a training platform that provides value to the customer or contractor.
  • How can we help the contractor make money?
    • Better service in terms of product placement on the job site.
    • Efficent inventory control (just in time delivery).
    • Remove obstacles that prevent or inhibit contractor efficiency.
    • Develop a program that demonstrates various approaches to employee compensation.
    • Develop alternative approaches to employee empowerment.
  • Training contractors to become company approved installers.
  • Create incentives for contractors who enroll in the training program.
  • Recommend and promote certified installers to customers.
  • Develop in house installers.
  • Develop programs for contractor personnel.
  • Provide a training program that is perpetual and creates residual income.
  • Introduce concepts that create a paradigm shift away from price and toward value.
  • Emphasize the concept of the masonry industry. Emphasize the importance of the contractor as a team member of the industry in which everyone plays an important part. It is not shaped like a pyramid with members that occupy different levels, but rather a circle on which all members occupy equal positions. A break in the circle at any point destroys the integrity of the whole.
  • Promote quality standards and craftsmanship.
  • Provide a training program that could be replicated throughout the world. Create duplicate business everywhere (franchise).