It is difficult for me to think in terms such who or what…occasionally how, but always…always why.

I believe that every individual has a passion, a desire, an aspiration, a dream, a glowing ember inside them. I believe I can help those individuals discover their dreams, desires, and passions and then create the conditions under which those dreams, desires, and passions can flourish. I believe that the true gift, the talent, the ability that lies within each person cannot be created but only revealed. I believe that when the individual discovers his or her vocation and then vehemently pursues that passion, their life is forever blessed. Turning passion into a career elevates a person to a higher calling whereby he or she serves others and uses their gift to improve the lives of their neighbor. I believe that if I can in some small way help my students realize their value to the world…help them discover their “why” then I will have fulfilled my moral imperative to my fellow man, made a positive contribution to society, and at the end of my life hear from my creator, “Well done thou good and faithful servant”.